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About Our Brand

Drifit Bahamas | Drifit International

 Our Vision

Dri-Fits are one of the most durable on the market and have a long shelf-life. Hence, they make for great material for T-shirt customization and printing. Why is a Dri-Fit shirt so durable, you may ask? Well, Dri-Fit shirts are through their unique weaving technique utilizing synthetic materials. Some materials for producing a Dri-Fit shirt include microfibre, polyester fabric, and cool and dry tech materials. 


Speaking of durability, do you know that Dri-Fit shirts do not shrink after every wash or clean-up? Yes, that’s right, Dri-Fit shirts are very flexible and durable. Therefore, they will be able to withstand high or low temperatures with ease. This feature is handy because you can wear your favorite Dri-Fit shirts confidently! The durability of Dri-Fit clothes also means that you can preserve their comfort. It sounds like a win-win deal to us. 


The Mission

Dri-Fit shirts or clothes are usually synonymously linked with sports and high-mobility recreational activities. This is due to its natural property that aids in boosting the performance of its wearer. Dri-Fit shirts are usually made from synthetic and lightweight materials to ease mobility and sporting activities. Hence, it is a no-brainer that most athletes naturally flock to this type of clothes for their training and daily activities.

Since the clothes you are wearing directly impact your performance, it is only imperative that you should wear clothes that allow you to be comfortable during your workout sessions. Since Dri-Fit shirts promote comfort for their wearer, you can focus on your workouts and training better! After a while, you might notice that you are performing much better during your training regime and the real deal! What’s not to like?

Our Why

Since cotton is such a popular crop, it uses around 6% of the world’s pesticides and 16% of all its insecticides which is more than any other crop. These products are extremely harmful to the environment. They contribute to greenhouse gas emissions and pollute thousands of litres of drinking water.  


Conventional cotton fabric is processed with chlorine bleach. Hydrogen peroxide and formaldehyde are also applied in the processing of the materials. It takes one-quarter of a pound of chemicals to produce one conventional cotton t-shirt and one-quarter of one pound of chemicals to produce two pairs of traditional men’s boxers shorts. That’s a perfect recipe for nastiness in your undies. If you purchase dyed fabric, you can be sure that carcinogens derived from the bleach were used. 


Creative Process

One of the main reasons Dri-Fit shirts are preferred over other clothes for T-shirt customization is their natural moisture-wicking property. This would be useful on a sunny day or when travelling to warmer regions, as these shirts will help you sweat less. Plus, Dri-Fit shirts also help you sweat less after every workout, so that will make you more comfortable with yourself!


This is due to the factor that Dri-Fit shirts do not absorb moisture but evaporate sweat instead. Hence, you can maintain your fresh and clean look after a long day!

On top of that, Dri-Fit shirts are usually preferred for T-shirt customization due to the materials being widely accessible and readily available too! This will help you customize your shirts easily, as it is both practical and economically convenient. You might want to customize one soon!

Image by Ben White

About Us

One of the best features of Dri-Fit shirts lies in their great ventilation. This makes them a sought-after product when they are hunting for t-shirt customization options. A good Dri-Fit article of clothing is able to keep your body cool during a warm or hot day through its well-tailored ventilating technology. Some Dri-Fit clothing also offers excellent UV protection as they cover your skin well during your time in the sun. 


Dri-Fit shirts are not only good for keeping you fresh after your workout but are also highly effective in helping your body release heat and wick away moisture. Keeping your body dry during recreational activities or training is essential because wet fabrics are able to conduct heat three times faster than dry fabrics. 


With a healthy number of benefits and easy availability of Dri-Fit shirts on the market, you might want to get your t-shirt customized soon! Found yourself a bit too overwhelmed with all of this information? Is the process of T-shirt customization a bit too complex for you? We are pleased to inform you that we provide a t-shirt customization service for your convenience! 

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